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Marble is one of the most attractive natural stones and is suitable for many applications for many applications,with a wide variety of types to choose from.Whether it’s for a prestigious reception floor or a bathroom, a stunning marble stone can be found to enhance the environment.

Marble is a metamorphic rock formed from carbonate rocks such as limestone, the temperature and pressures of the process transform the crystal structure to produce a hard material, with an almost translucent appearance at the surface when polished. This makes marble one of best natural stones used in construction and its beauty has been recognised for thousands of years, with many ancient buildings utilising it for decorating walls and floors.

Impurities present during the formation of the rock lead to the characteristic veining present in many marbles although some may have a more uniform colour. The colour of marble can vary very considerably, from pure white to jet black, with a whole rainbow of colours in-between.

Below are a selection of the types of marble we can supply for your project however please don’t hesitate to contact us should you require a particular colour or stone type.